Fashion trends differ from one cosmopolitan city to the next, but there are a few Spring/Summer 2012 looks that are global “it” looks. We show you how to recreate the Top 5 beauty trends, straight from the runway. 


Trend 1: Dewy, fresh Skin

Easier said than done, having a radiant complexion that looks like you spent only five minutes on your skin can take hours of work. That’s why we’re here to help! Integrating a skincare system with your makeup routine will do your skin wonders. Products like the new NARS tinted moisturizers or BB creams will aid in brightening your complexion, improving the overall texture, and reducing discoloration. Not only will tinted moisturizers and BB creams help improve your skin, but you’ll be on trend for Spring/Summer 2012.


Trend 2: Matte Red Lips

Red lips are a classic makeup trend. We had saw red lips at many fashion weeks for Fall/Winter 2011 and this trend it is still going strong. To create a modern twist to a vintage classic, play with darker shades of red, crimsons, and oranges. This season skip the gloss and keep your lips matte for longer wear.



Trend 3: Metallic Eyes

Metals conventionally adorn ears, neck and arms, but this season there’s a twist. Metallic eyeshadows are the Spring/Summer must-have. Silvers, bronzes, and golds will be found on all makeup counters this year, so you can add that luminescent shine to your eyes with variety of different metallic shades. Here are our favourite shadows, available at The Bay or Holt Renfrew:

NARS Night Life single eyeshadow
MAC Cosmetics Woodwink single eyeshadow
MAC Cosmetics Forgery single eyeshadow
Dior Crystal White single eyeshadow





Trend 4: Doll up your lashes

If metallic shadows aren’t your thing, skip the shadow and layer up on the mascara and lashes. New York Fashion week displayed several shows with heavy lashes, inspired by Twiggy and the classic doll. Your other eye makeup products can go on vacation because for this trend, all you’ll need is some mascara, an eyelash curler, and some high impact false lashes.


How To Create The Look: To create the look of voluminous lashes, coat your lashes with mascara. Next drop some loose power on the lashes while it is still wet and repeat this process three times. This trick will instantaneously thicken your lashes without clumping and is a backstage runway secret. Check out Lancome Hypnose Doll Lashes $ 31 and MAC False Lashes #36 $18. [Left : Louis Vuitton SS ’12; Right: Honor SS ‘12]


Trend 5: Extreme Smoky Eyes

Smoky eyes have reached new heights. Advancing with current trends, the spring 2012 smoky eye is darker, bolder, and in some cases sparklier. To keep your smoky eye modern and fresh, create a circular cloud effect with our shadows rather than pulling the shadows outwards in an almond shape. Navy blue is the new black when it comes to creating the perfect smoky eye.


Makeup Tip: To create the intense depth to your smoky eye, start with a cream shadow or a shadow pencil – this will act as a base for your powder shadows. Great products to use to recreate these looks are NARS Shadow Pencil Dark Rite $30 and NARS Single Shadow Night Flight $28. [Left: Gucci SS ’12; Right: Rodarte SS’12]


Story By: Neetu Sahota & Jyoti Sahota