Make room in your closet for masculine styling.

We all long for comfort, but we aren't willing to compromise looking fashionably chic. Lucky for us, some of the top designers for Spring 2011 are focusing on easy tomboy shapes in neutral shades of navy, beige and white.

Wide-leg linen trousers, striped cotton pullovers, belted trench coats and two-tone leather brogues are all the craze. And this isn’t a new phenomenon. For years, menswear styles have been incorporated into women’s fashion trends, creating a sophisticated masculine look for women who are daring enough to express themselves. In fact, the masculine style itself kicked off with the talented French designer Coco Chanel creating her signature tweed jackets for women in the 1920s.

Oh! And don’t throw out your “Boy Friend” blazers just yet. You can still pull them off by pairing them with a fab cocktail dress, skinny jeans, and the ever-lasting leggings. And if you’re a little tight with your budget this season, I’m sure your boy toy won’t mind you borrowing a few items from his side of the closet – just finish the look with a skinny belt and you're set.


Story By: Sukhi Ghuman