Wedding season is in full swing (when is it not, really?) – the season of Jaago songs, colour, and dancing is here! It also means we’re challenged with finding outfits and accessories to make us look stunning as people say, “I do.” Always here to help, we polled our closest girlfriends for a must-read list of style Do’s and Don’ts this wedding season.

 Matching is Out and Complimentary is In:

  1. So many people make the mistake of matching their eyeshadow to their outfits, and their outfits to their decor. Please stop! Matchy-matchy is out – use a complimentary colour.
  2. Don’t match your purse, shoes and jewelry to your outfit. It looks ridiculous! Try a contrasting colour or complimentary tones to accent your outfit – trust us, you’ll look stunning and standout in the crowd.

Watch the Clothes:

  1. Seriously ladies, leave the string bikini tops for the beach! You’re going to a wedding reception, not a club or pool party.
  2. Brides-to-be (and anyone else for that matter): If you really want to wear a tube top with heavy embroidery, make sure you try it on and jump around – pulling your top up throughout the night is not classy!
  3. If you’re name isn’t on the wedding card, leave the bridal outfit for the bride. Guests get confused on who they need to congratulate. Yes, we’re talking to you, you and you.
  4. If you really want to get your dance on, try wearing an outfit that’s not going to fall off, ie. pin those saris if you need to, and tighten the waist on your salwaar. See #2 also.

Hair and Make-Up:

  1. Make sure the bride’s mother or groom’s mother doesn’t have the same hairstyle as the bride. Sisters, daughters and BFFs, you need to stop them.
  2. Leave the curls for ribbon. Solitary curls on either side of your face bring back painful style memories from the early 90s. Live in the present!
  3. Coloured contacts. Really? There is nothing else for us to say.
  4. As mentioned above, make sure your eyeshadow, lipstick and cheeks don’t match your outfit, you don’t want to look like a blob of colour. Choose a complimentary colour to your outfit, experiment with neutrals or metallic palettes, and focus on enhancing, not covering, your features.

Common Sense:

  1. If you’re the bride/groom/bridal party, make sure you’re not chewing gum. You’ll look like a cow chewing grass in all the videos.
  2. Watch how much you drink at the reception – keep it classy, ladies. 
  3. Bridesmaids are suppose to help the bride, so don’t act like a mini-bride yourself.

Story by: Joti Dhesi