We didn’t see this coming. Our favourite YouTube star collaborated with Seth Rogen and James Franco in a ridiculous, hilarious, Christmas-themed video, replete with “Yo Momma!” jokes.

Superwoman Christmas video Seth Rogen James Franco

Superwoman’s mom and dad, Paramjeet and Manjeet, engage in an epic “Yo Momma” battle with Santa Claus, played by Seth Rogen. On the sidelines are the hype girl and guy, Superwoman and Elf, played by James Franco.

Seth Rogen James Franco iiSuperwomanii Christmas video

What are the jokes like? Trademark Superwoman humour. Silliness, fun and lols. Ex. Superwoman’s mom says to Santa Claus: “You so ugly. Your mummy took you for walk and she got charged for littering. You want some aloe vera for that burn?” We have so many favourite moments from the video, but the tops has to be when Superwoman’s mom grabs Santa by the ears. Don’t mess with our momma.

Lookout for cameos from Humble the Poet and Esskayji (Sandy Lion). The video was shot by Rick Matharu (of Recipe to Riches fame and The Glass Museum).

Watch iiSuperwomanii’s “How My Mother Stole Christmas” featuring Seth Rogen and James Franco: