Still embarassed to pull a tampon out of your purse in front of boys? Keep your crimson tide fashionably secret with Tres Femme's Girly Tube. Store your tampons discreetly in this handy pink tube that can also double as a hairpin, lipgloss and emergency nailfile holder.


Made in Vancouver by jewelry and girly accessory designer Sue Messent, the Girly Tube comes in a selection of designs, with a choice of bejewelled lids and silver-plating for that extra special touch. 

Finally, no more tampons rolling down the aisle at the movie theatre, or popping out of your purse at inopportune moments (like a job interview or on the plane next to a hottie). 

Messent also designs earrings, pins, lip balm, gift boxes and all other sorts of tres femme accessories that can often be seen adorning the necks and arms of Hollywood's "it" girl celebs. 

Tres jolie, non?


Available at, and in Vancouver at Secret Garden Tea Company.