Bally Sagoo’s “Chura Liya,” was the soundtrack to some great memories in 1994.

chura liya bollywood flashback bally sagoo

From his album Bollywood Flashback, “Chura Liya” was a game changer when it released, starting the trend towards remixing older Bollywood tunes with hip hop, reggae and techno music. “Chura Liya” was also the first Indian track to play on BBC Radio 1.

“I made Chura Liya into a reggae song, adding rap to it, new sounds to it. It was given a new dimension. That is why it went international. The adults liked it as they remembered it from their childhood days. And the children, who thought it is a brand new song, liked its trendy tune,” said Sagoo to the Tribune India.

The song is a fantastic update of the Yaadon Ki Baraat song, because it straddles that fine line of respecting the source material and reshaping the beats to create such an addictive sound. Singers Reema Das Gupta and Debashish Das Gupta conjure some electric chemistry for the track, and Cheshire Cat lends his rap lyrics for a fun addition to the bridge of the song.

Relive some old memories with this oldie, but goodie.