There are some songs that are summer fads, and then there are those songs that become classics overnight.”Kangna” by British producer Dr Zeus was the soundtrack to some great memories from 2003 (and 2004, 2005, 2006…it was a classic after all).

Dr Zeus Kangna Tera Ni Bhangra Classic

Story by Rumnique Nannar

“Kangna” is a one of our all time favourite party songs. Simple beats, vocals by Master Rakesh, the tumbhi, and a hip-hop bass-line gets you on the dance floor grinding grooving.

Dr Zeus had been working as a producer for the Safri Boyz and other bhangra musicians before he struck out on his own. “Kangna” brought together Master Rakesh and rapper Shortie in a song that showcased Dr Zeus’ versatile style in arranging beats that worked for the club and wedding circuit. The song also worked its way up to No.1 on the BBC Asian Network Top 100 of 2003.

More than ten years later, Dr Zeus is still producing music with mass appeal, including another one of our favourite Jugni jams, “Jugni-ji,” which we’ve raved about before.


Watch “Kangna” by Dr Zeus, featuring Master Rakesh and Shortie:

We can’t help but laugh while watching Dr Zeus in his gangsta avatar doing an awkward shuffle in the video, while MC Shortie trots out his verses like Busta Rhymes. But the music is good, the memories sweet, and the song a true classic.