#TBT – Jay Sean’s “Stolen”

This Throwback Thursday, we take a look at the spiky haired Jay Sean, back when he embarked on his own solo career, post-Rishi Rich Project.

Jay Sean Stolen video with Bipasha Basu

When Jay went solo in 2004, there’s no doubt that a major chunk of the fan base were giggly teenagers and women in their early twenties. “Stolen” is one of our favourite jams, which expertly samples “Chura Liya Hai” from Yaadon Ki Baaraat.

The song came off of the album Me Against Myself, which I wore down on my Walkman after buying it during a nostalgic binge in Southall. “Stolen” reached #4 on the UK Singles Chart, but the main feat of the song is the video starring the gorgeous Bipasha Basu as the girl who keeps stealing his heart.

Once again, these early millenial videos are a product of their time, and Basu’s heavy gold eyeshadow and copper lips are quite funny to behold now. Sean looks adorable here without the buffed up look he’s sporting these days, and as cringeworthy as that hairstyle is, it looks cute on him. The plot of the video doesn’t really match up to the lyrics but we can agree that Basu is stunning enough to steal anyone’s heart.

It’s a fabulous track that reminds us of how adorable and addictive Jay Sean’s music used to be when he first started out. Here’s to hoping for better music from the artist and new daddy soon.


Watch Jay Sean’s “Stolen”