#TBT M.I.A.’s First Song, “Galang”

Back then, she was just a graphic artist who worked on solo exhibitions, photographed her friend’s band, and filmed a couple of documentaries in the Caribbean. Then “Galang” happened.MIA Music Video

“Galang” was M.I.A.’s first single, originally released in 2003. What makes it so spectacular, besides the lyrics and composition, was that it was one of the first songs to ever go viral, and that too through MySpace. This girl’s always been ahead of the game.

M.I.A. became an international name with the fan favourite and critically acclaimed “Galang.” She followed up her viral success with her first album, Arular, released in 2004.

This music video is art directed by M.I.A. and features images from her art exhibition, M.I.A., as well as additional graphics created just for the video. Little known fact: M.I.A. stands for “Missing in Acton”, and Acton is a neighbourhood in West London. See M.I.A.’s graphic design and drawings in our review of her book, M.I.A.


Watch “Galang” by M.I.A.

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