Ever since we heard Penn Masala’s acapella music in the cult hit “American Desi” we’ve been hooked on their mashup songs.

penn masala

Penn Masala formed in 1996 as one of the only South Asian acapella groups in the USA that combined their fondness for mixing Bollywood songs with contemporary pop songs with equal aplomb.

Recently, the group released “Evolution of Bollywood Music,” a complete charmer that took us on a journey through Indian films, replete with clever wardrobe changes as they moved from era to era. However, one of their initial viral hits was their song “Viva La Vida/Jashn-e-Bahara” in 201o. The song fuses together two very mellow and sappy songs to create a dynamic rendition that doesn’t come off too “Glee” like. It’s worth looking through Penn Masala’s work to witness the changes that the rotating lineup brings to each song.


Listen to Penn Masala’s “Viva La Vida/Jashn-e-Bahara”