While we may slightly shudder at Raghav’s latest efforts in EDM and pop music, there was a time when his frosted tips and flippy hair sent our hearts a-flutter.


Story by Rumnique Nannar 

To be honest, I was slightly disdainful of the music scene in Canada after living in London for so long, but that all changed when Raghav came onto the scene. With that smooth voice reaching Timberlake falsetto levels, and his J14 style looks, I admit his image adorned my locker door.

Raghav released his iconic album “Storyteller” in September 2004 to critical acclaim and landed him four UK number-one singles, including “Can’t Get Enough.” The song is catchy as hell and samples “Kabhi Aar Kabhi Paar” from Guru Dutt film “Aar Paar.” The video itself is a hilariously awkward product of its time, with Raghav swirling his hips like an uncleji on the dance floor and bopping his head like a Bharat Natyam dancer. It also features an unintentionally funny bit where a girl with a pained expression dirty dances with him.

The song is all kinds of wonderful. C’mon Raghav, give us some more of this for the next album.


Watch Raghav’s “Can’t Get Enough”

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