The Red Bench is one place Jugni Style gives you permission to succumb to temptation. This must-try Toronto dessert hotspot offers patrons a teashop, organic frozen yogurt station and made-to-order cookie bar all in one stop.

red bench toronto cookies

The brilliant concept was dreamed up by husband and wife duo, Dena and Elie. The couple was inspired to create a dessert bar where they could serve home-baked goods in a matter of minutes. A red bench located near the couple’s home in Paris, France inspired the name of their labour of love dessert shop. “If benches could speak, they would have a million stories to tell,” says Elie. “We want people to come to The Red Bench and share special moments together.”

The cozy and quaint ambiance definitely makes The Red Bench a great place to catch up with friends. Providing a peaceful atmosphere amongst the busy noises of Yonge Street, The Red Bench is quaint, filled with light and has the appearance of a European café with walls made from reclaimed wood to add texture.

red bench toronto desserts

The most intriguing aspect of The Red Bench is the cookie bar, where you can order custom-made cookies on the spot. First select a type of organic cookie dough (original, peanut butter, oatmeal, chocolate or gluten-free), add two toppings and enjoy the cozy atmosphere while your cookies bake in the oven for about 5 minutes. The different combinations you can create makes ordering almost as fun as the eating! For a truly nostalgic experience, order the Milk & Cookies Combo ($5.75). Yum!

No less playful at The Red Bench is the frozen yogurt. It is by far the most delicious frozen yogurt we’ve had in Toronto. Perhaps it’s because The Red Bench is the only self-serve yogurt bar in the area that makes their frozen yogurt from scratch.

This establishment is definitely at the forefront of a revival of locally made products. Made in-house using ingredients purchased from local farmers’ markets, The Red Bench currently serves frozen yogurt in vanilla breeze, mousse au chocolat, red velvet (coloured with beet root) and raspberry kiss (a vegan sorbet). “We do organic on the cheap for people,” owner Elie tells Jugni Style. “We want to break the perception that organic has to be expensive because it doesn’t have to be.”

red bench toronto frozen yogurt cookies
In terms of beverages, you’ll find organic hot chocolate, organic milk (whole, skim, almond, soy), and an extensive tea menu of which every cup is brewed to perfection. To all our coffee drinkers, please don’t fret. The Red Bench plans to add coffee to their menu very soon.

red bench toronto

If you’re in Toronto, be sure to stroll into The Red Bench this summer and try these delicious treats. You won’t regret it!

The Red Bench, 611 Yonge Street, Toronto (Yonge & Wellesley) |


Story by: Sheetal M. Nanda  |  Photography by: The Red Bench