Introducing, the TIFF Insider Diary, your look into the fabulous lives of the beautiful, the famous, and the people who make the stars.

Our Toronto International Film Festival insider, Daniel Pillai, has a behind-the-scenes look at what celebrities request before their interviews (orange milkshake, not vodka, obviously!), and who’s partying with who at VIP TIFF parties. Between shooting red carpet interviews for OMNI’s Bollywood Boulevard, attending invite-only parties, and working as a publicist with Karma Pro for an indie film and A-list celebrity (is there anything he can’t do?), Daniel gives us a peek into the fabulous life of a journalist, star maker and society guy.

TIFF Insider Diary: Day 1

Although TIFF runs from Sept 6-16, my work started weeks ago. Writing and preparing media releases, planning out the best PR campaign for clients, and various meetings in and about town – a publicist’s job is never done! It’s been hectic – and the festival hadn’t even officially begun! That said, I have my mind set – coffee and perhaps an energy drink here and there are going to get me through these next 10 days. The passion, the excitement – its overwhelmingly crazy, but I love it!

Dining with Fabulous People – Bollywood Style

The day before the festival started, I had a wonderful dinner with director Manjeet Singh of “Mumbai Cha Raja,” Bollywood/indie actor Abhay Deol and model/actress Preeti Desai, at the fabulous new restaurant “House of Moments” in downtown Toronto. With my PR gal Lina Dhingra in hand, we kicked off our TIFF adventure with a toast and great company. I can’t wait to keep you all in the loop of the excitement, the energy and the chaos that is TIFF.

A film premiere, drinks until 2am and a 5:45am wakeup call – catch all the juicy updates from our TIFF Insider only at Jugni Style.

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Story By: Daniel Pillai  |  Photography Provided by Daniel Pillai