With the winter months ahead…and months of hot chocolates and teas to keep us warm, you may consider it a bit too soon to think of Spring and Summer. But Swarovski gives us plenty of reasons to celebrate the warmth coming our way with their Tropical inspired Spring/Summer 2013 collection.

Swarovski takes us on a fantastic, tropical journey. Creative Director Nathalie Colin explains: “I was strongly influenced by my travels in Brazil and Mexico, where I discovered intense creative energy and joie de vivre.” Vibrant colors convey the spirit of a tropical paradise, with shades of green evoking the lush vegetation of the forest, while fuchsia conjures up the sensuality of the orchid, and turquoise tones symbolize the clear waters of the seas of Acapulco.

Signature Swarovski techniques show up throughout the collection, and are enhanced by new materials including leather, chains in different metals, resin, and scoubidou or cotton cords. (Pay attention to that Bib Necklace above…it’s to die for!)

The signature piece in this collection is the oversized Tangara bib necklace. Entirely handmade, it’s created from a tropical kaleidoscope of geometric crystals. Perfectly on-trend for summer 2013, the jewelry pieces in this collection convey a chic femininity; graceful, sensual, and with a hint modernity.

More pieces from Swarovski’s Tropical Paradise for 2013 Spring/Summer

Story By: Daniel Pillai  |  Photography: Swarovski