Delhi 2 Dublin’s new music video dropped today and it might just be our favourite video from the Vancouver-based, Bhangra-Celtic-Reggae-Dub-Electronica band.

Delhi 2 Dublin Canadian Bhangra Music Tumbi Wow

Beware: “Tumbi Wow” is unexpectedly addictive. Once you’ve heard the track and watched the super cute video, you’ll have a hard time getting the song’s hook out of your head.

Delhi 2 Dublin celebrated their 9th birthday this week with a performance in their hometown and the release of their new music video, “Tumbi Wow.” The song is from their new album which releases in August 2015. You can lend the charismatic group a hand in funding the project via PledgeMusic.

You can also download the track for free (!!!) so you can singalong with the gang all around town.

Watch Delhi 2 Dublin’s “Tumbi Wow”