Twerking is so 2009, right? Like Miley Cyrus before them, the UK Bhangra music scene is throwing some twerking into the mix with Dipps Bhamrah’s new track, “Twerking Jugni.” Our verdict? The newest party anthem.

dipps bhamrah ks bhamrah twerking jugni new bhangra music

K.S. Bhamrah (known for leading 80s/90s UK Bhangra band, Apna Sangeet) joins his son, DJ, producer and BBC radio host Dipps Bhamrah, on this new rendition of classic Punjabi folk song, Jugni (which happens to be the inspiration for Jugni Style’s name too).

“Twerking Jugni” doesn’t sample Miley Cyrus, but it does add urban Trap, Desi & Rock treatment to the song, and paired with K.S. Bhamrah’s vocals, we expect this song will be on repeat during the upcoming wedding season.


Watch “Twerking Jugni”

‘Twerking Jugni’ is the first track that Dipps Bhamrah will release as part of his year long #EmbraceTheMadness project. He plans on releasing a new song the last Thursday of each month through new record label Generasian Records.

“I’m going to showcase the music that I enjoy making and bring something different every month,” says Dipps. “It could be anything from Desi to Dance, Trap to Qawali, nothing is going to be off limits from now on … and something new is only a month away.”


Catch Twerking Jugni on iTunes here