Audrey Hepburn, Sophia Loren and oh…Kim Kardashian – Vogue’s Cover Girls.

Kanye West Kim Kardashian Vogue Cover

Story by Kiran Dhaliwal

Like a majority of the world last week, I was shocked to hear about the Vogue cover (still cannot believe it…cover!) featuring Ms. Kim Kardashian and her husband-to-be, rapper Kanye West. Can I just start by saying…what? I had to reread the text on my phone a number of times and check the Vogue website itself to actually believe this was true. Is it wrong to say that I think Anna Wintour has truly lost her marbles? Let’s evaluate this step-by-step.

Vogue is renowned around the world – it is the creme de la creme of all fashion magazines – it is the holy grail. Across countries all over the world, Vogue has many editions and it respected from all different cultures from the United States to Japan to India – it unites women all in the name of fashion (fashion really is a universal language). Anna Wintour, the notorious editor of the US edition is known around the world and is a well respected editor, but even those who may act “holier than thou” can be subject to intense scrutiny.

Vogue was born in the late 19th century as an elite magazine and still holds this position as the fashion bible. Under Wintour’s watchful eye in the 1980s, the magazine evolved further and Wintour gained her respect amongst the fashion elite. However, the decision Wintour made to put Kimye on the cover may be one that will haunt her.

In her editorial letter for the issue, she claims that her decision for the cover was correct as this couple are ‘relevant’ in the world today. Okay, let’s just pause for a moment. Are Kimye really relevant? Are they relevant in terms of Vogue and what this magazine is supposed to represent? The answer is…no.

Anna Wintour has tainted Vogue by placing a reality TV star on the cover. What is next? May issue: JWoww and Snooki? The truth is, Wintour’s editorial letter does not do her any favours. Anyone else find it amusing that she describes Kanye as a talented rapper (which I am not disputing) but for Kim’s description she uses ‘brave’ because there is not really any talent that can be listed? I even watched the ‘Vogue Video’ and it just made me feel even worse seeing the behind-the-scenes shots. Yes the baby is adorable but really, what the hell is this?

They may be a well known social media couple, however, that is not an excuse to put them on the cover. It’s very simple: known your audience. Vogue readers are threatening to cancel their subscriptions. It was a poor decision by Wintour to place this couple on the cover, especially after all the public canvassing Kanye had been doing on Kim’s behalf to get her on the cover. (Did he bribe her by promising Jay Z would do a shout out to her in his next song?) It is embarrassing.

If people want to know about Kim and Kanye…all they have to do is go to InTouch or some tabloid to read about their not-so personal lives. I think we will be hearing about how April’s sales will be ‘the highest ever’ (probably because Kris Jenner will be out buying them all) but also because Vogue will have a different clientele purchasing their magazine. This will not encourage bigger sales for the forthcoming months because in all seriousness, the ones running out to buy this issue will flick straight to the Kimye spread and forgo everything else. Is this what Wintour wanted? To become a magazine ignored for all the editorial spreads and ad campaigns, but instead to become a celebrity news magazine?

I for one will not be going out to buy this edition of Vogue. Vogue has unfortunately began to lose some of its…well, vogue.