The Indian festive season is upon us, and that means a chance to show off your collection of ethnic and evening wear. Whether you're attending a formal event or just lounging with your closest friends, we’ve got your look covered. Happy Diwali! 


A Family Affair
















The festival of lights means religious events and meals with family, so you’ll need to include some traditional wear in your wardrobe. Seek out a different designer this year, or try something you haven’t tried before. And most of all, make sure you let your personality come through.

DO: Wear print! Traditional clothing feature the most beautiful, intricate prints so try and include some clashing prints to brighten up the day.

DON’T: Try to match everything. Over-matching ruins some of the most chic traditional outfits, so make sure you’re breaking it up with something unexpected. Keep it modern with simple accessories or wear just one statement piece.


The Formal Event

Some of you have been lucky enough to be invited to a special formal event or gala his year, so show off your heritage in red-carpet style with a simple dress featuring Indian inspired embroidery. Or just wear traditional polki jewellery with a simple gown and grab the spotlight for the night!

DO: Try out bold colours. This is not the time to return to your favourite little black dress. If you do choose to play it safe with a simple colour, make sure you wear some ethnic jewellery to spice it up.

DON’T: Take bold colour to mean clashing neons. Choose a colour that suits your skin tone and is still appropriate for the occasion – you don’t want to look like a cartoon character. Keep the make-up simple with just a smokey eye or some lip colour.

Matthew Williamson Embellished Washed-silk Gown



Casual celebration with friends

If you’re celebrating Diwali away from home this year and enjoying the day with your friends, then blast those Bollywood tunes and dance around in a comfortable but stylish outfit. Try a flowy top with some embroidery or a kurti with well fitted skinny jeans or leggings.

DO: Remember to accessorize. Layer on some bangles and channel bohemian chic. Look to your summer wardrobe and dress up a day dress with shiny jewellery or fun shoes.

DON’T: Forget about footwear. Casual doesn’t mean sloppy so make an effort with delicate sandals or dressed up heels.





Diwali in the City

A nice dinner at a great restaurant in the city might be the plan for your Diwali so you’ll want to dress up for the occasion. A cocktail dress may be on your mind, but head towards jewel tones for the night.

DO: Try a beaded top with skinny leather pants for something a little rock-chic for the day. Try on a tunic top and slip into some ankle boots.

DON’T: Forget that Diwali is about fun and celebration! Let your hair down or wear it in a pretty braid for the night and get your dancing shoes on.

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Story By: Deepti Chadalavada