Uggs Has Competition: Try These Winter Boots by Love Winter

We’ve got dreams of sun in our minds, but sadly, there are still several weeks of winter left (especially for our east coast friends).Valenki Winter Boots

For those of us still dragging our feet in the snow, Love Winter is a Canadian shoe company on a mission to make the world embrace the cold season and love Winter. Their Valenki boot offers a Russian design with a twist: the traditional Valenki boot is made of felt, and worn with galoshes to make it water repellent, while these Love Winter boots follow suit, but with galoshes built in.

Pros: The boots themselves are very comfortable – they have the feel of an Ugg boot, with a bit of a more practical design. The galoshes kept my feet dry, and the felt shaft kept my legs warm. I also liked that the felt made the boots a bit more flexible than an average rain boot. The leg of the boots are grey, but the galoshes come in a few different colours, which is fun, especially if you want to add a splash of colour to your rainy day outfit.

Valenki Winter Boots

Cons: They’re a bit on the pricier side. The boots run for $190-$290, which is more than most of your brand name rain and winter boots. If you need something for the rain, you could get a pair of Hunter boots for a lower price. If you’re looking solely for comfort, UGGs offer a better deal.

With so many options out there, it’s hard to justify spending the extra $100 for the Valenki boot, unless you’re really into the aesthetic. The galoshes come in a variety of colours, offering some welcome colour to the grey days of winter.

Buy Love Winter boots at and pop-up shops in Toronto.