Art + Fashion at Yaletown’s New Leisure Center

Yaletown’s newest destination is Leisure Center, a concept space featuring art, books, fashion, music, and wellness – all without digital distractions. 

Leisure Center is the experiential art and fashion space we’ve been craving for in Vancouver. The multi-level space brings together conceptual art, avant garde fashion, local music, natural beauty products, and a fascinating tonic bar – all while shunning the digital distractions we experience in most aspects of our lives.

“Leisure Center is a hub that gathers each one of my passions in one place,” says owner Mason Wu. “I believe we move through life collecting and shedding ideas and possessions, some of which stay with us forever. Leisure Center is a mindset, an idea that we need to achieve a healthy balance between material objects and experiences, and it offers both of these in one environment.”

Here, visitors will find material objects from brands like Comme des Garcons, Balenciaga and Vetements, MA+, Guidi and Devoa), alongside sustainable products from John Alexander Skelton, Petrucha Studio and STORY mfg. Natural beauty and cosmetics by Haeckels, L:a Bruket and homewares by Tom Dixon complement the stunning clothing, as does the stunning book section overseen by Donlon Books, an independent bookshop in London.

leisure center yaletown designer shopping

Housed in a 1930s heritage building, conversational points abound in bold art installations curated by Emily Carr University of Art Professor Patrik Andersson. The glass-encased sculpture “Ramble On” by Myfanwy MacLeod features the dilapidated frame of a 1977 Camaro Rally Sport mounted in a manner reminiscent of a hog roast.

leisure center yaletown designer shopping

Our favourite features include the lounge space on the bottom floor, and the tonic bar stocked with intriguing concoctions sourced from New York-based apothecary The Alchemist’s Kitchen, which brings to life the healing power of plants through an evolving selection of tonics and a botanical dispensary.

Leisure Center is located at 950 Homer Street, Vancouver, BC and is open Sunday to Thursday from 11am – 6pm, and Friday & Saturday from 12pm – 8pm.