Start your week with the sweet sounds of Zoo Babies, our favourite hip-hop collective out of the GTA.

Zoo Babies Babbulicious Fateh Singh Punjabi Rap

Few things truly mystify us (Rob Ford? How do you dye black hair blonde? What’s the secret behind making a perfect poached egg?), but when we watched Zoo Babies‘ music video for their new song, “Nada”, we were stumped. So we went straight to the source and asked the Toronto-based hip-hop collective (Babbulicious, Fateh, Villa, B Magic and Noyz) about what the music video really means, and their response was exactly what we’d expect from this group of smart musicians.


What was the process behind creating the song? 

We have in-house producers who create the beats. Once we all agree on using a certain beat, we work collaboratively to create a song concept, and a song structure. Each member then is responsible for writing their own lyrics. From there, we fill in the blanks and record additional elements to fill out the song such as live instrumentation and backing harmonies.

Can you walk us through the story being told in the music video?

The music video doesn’t follow a continuous narrative between the verses. Instead, the setting for each MC is representative of their lyrics on the track. For example, during Villa’s verse, he raps about being fed up with working long hours at dead end jobs for low pay, and his scene has him burying a body. This is a metaphoric representation of working the so-called graveyard shift.

Can we expect a full-length album or follow-up to Supreme Duffle Bag (their first single)?

We released a full length album in 2012 which is available for free download at


Watch the video for “Nada” below and tell us what you think.

Download “Nada” here