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Mindy Kaling Shares Her Beauty Recos for Brown Skinned Ladies

The Mindy Project

Today is an awesome day because we stumbled upon Mindy Kaling’s beauty recommendations “for brown skinned baes.” Image Credit: Mindy Kaling on Instagram   Found on the List App (created by Mindy Kaling’s bae BJ Novak – it’s awesome!), Mindy Kaling shares her favourite products and colours, perfect for darker skinned women like us. Enjoy!   MINDY K’S BEAUTY RECS FOR BROWN SKINNED BAES (reproduced from List App) Makeup musts for... Read More


Exclusive: In Conversation With Anurag Kashyap on Filmmaking + His New Netflix Series

anurag kashyap

Meeting one of your heroes can be a daunting task, but celebrated director/producer Anurag Kashyap (Gangs of Wasseypur, Dev D, Bombay Velvet) wasn’t the imposing figure I expected.  Story by Rumnique Nannar / Photo: Roundhouse Radio Production Assistant Abeer Yusuf, Anurag Kashyap and Rumnique Nannar / Image Credit: Abeer Yusaf   Anurag Kashyap is in town for the Vancouver International South Asian Film Festival (VISAFF), where he’s presenting his film Ugly and leading... Read More


Review: Nirbhaya is a Theatrical Journey of Emotions


Holding an arm up each, two fingers and thumb raised, three women and a man from among the audience walk up the aisles to join a white-clad actress gently hum-singing on a dimly lit smoky stage. The song: an old Indian classic about society’s transgressions on woman’s honour and love. There are no curtains for this one. Story by Balkaran Singh   Be prepared to be swept away, wrenched, and emotionally relocated. Nirbhaya is not just a play. It is an expression of a movement,... Read More


VIFF Review: Umrika


Umrika examines the American Dream, or more specifically, the perception of America that people living outside of it have, and their desire, ambition, and determination to get there. VIFF Review by Nimritta Parmar The film follows Ramakant (played by Suraj Sharma of Life of Pi and Homeland Season 4), whose brother Udai departs from their tiny village in India for America when Ramakant is a young boy. After his departure to the land most desired, Udai becomes an idol to the people... Read More


VIFF Review: 45 Years


45 Years is a story of both love, and heartbreak that we rarely get to see in its entirety. VIFF Review by Nimritta Parmar Kate and Geoff Mercer are in the process of planning their 45th wedding anniversary, when a ghost from Geoff’s past confronts them, unearthing long-buried secrets.  45 Years follows Kate and Geoff through the process of heartbreak, bringing longevity to experiences we silently assume have expiration dates. Typically limited to themes of death, sickness,... Read More


VIFF Film Review: Ville-Marie is an Unconventional Ode to Life

Ville Marie VIFF

Ville-Marie is a film both ingrained with life – and reflective of it – opening with death and closing with a newborn baby. VIFF Review by Nimritta Parmar This polarity between life and death is inherent throughout the film. Reminiscent of Crash (Paul Haggis, 2004), Ville-Marie follows various individual characters whose stories are intertwined in ways they don’t realize. The film opens with 21-year-old Thomas standing at a bus stop, when a tragedy sets a series... Read More


Indian Fashion for Kids from House Farola

House Farola Indian Kids Fashion

The eternal kids style question: how to dress up your little munchkin without making him or her look like they’re a doll, adult, or cartoon character. It’s time to get rid of (if you haven’t already) those scratchy, synthetic pink frilled dresses and adult-like pajami suits from the Indian shops. When it comes to South Asian fashion for kids, there are a lot more options on the market now, with decent price points and breathable fabrics to match. Indian designer... Read More

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