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Kawan II: Bikram Singh, Tigerstyle + Gunjan


We’ve had this song on repeat for weeks. Nine years after the original drum n’ bass song was released by New York-based Bikram Singh, Punjabi/Hindi singer Gunjan, and Scottish producers Tigerstyle, the magical trio brings us “Kawan 2,” a slower, more mellow version of “Kawan.” The new version features an update on the lyrics too and gets the Jugni Style stamp of approval. Watch the music video for “Kawan 2″  Read More


DIY Beauty: How to Remove Bad Hair Dye

hair dye removal

We call it our magic eraser. A formula to cure emotional, wine-soaked, at-home hair dye jobs, thanks to our favourite actress/do-it-yourself beauty pro, Anita Majumdar. It was February. You know what that means. Well, I know what it means for me. My Christmas lights were still up and my Christmas tree was “de-pining” itself in the corner, all in order to trick myself into thinking it was still okay to eat my weight in shortbread cookies. In other words, I needed a change. That... Read More


#TBT – Penn Masala’s “Viva La Vida/ Jashn-e-Bahara”


Ever since we heard Penn Masala’s acapella music in the cult hit “American Desi” we’ve been hooked on their mashup songs. Penn Masala formed in 1996 as one of the only South Asian acapella groups in the USA that combined their fondness for mixing Bollywood songs with contemporary pop songs with equal aplomb. Recently, the group released “Evolution of Bollywood Music,” a complete charmer that took us on a journey through Indian films, replete... Read More


Madhur Jaffrey on Family, Food and Film

madhur jaffrey thumbnail

Madhur Jaffrey, award-winning actor and best-selling author, loves dal. Story by Priya Chopra   If she had just one last meal on Earth, Madhur Jaffrey would opt for a good dal or some kind of noodles. “Definitely something soft that slithers down. Even if you are nervous about dying (which I am not), the food would go down easily.”  The ever so practical Madhur Jaffrey has built a career that straddles two creative realms: food and film. She is the author... Read More


Dazzle You Friends with Carrot Kheer this Vaisakhi


Carrots and celebration. A strange combination? Not on our watch. Story by Manjot Bains   Vaisakhi marks the harvest season in northern India and the new year for many communities around the country. It’s also a major religious holiday for Sikhs around the world. Vaisakhi holds a lot of memories for me: attending parades in Vancouver, eating pakoras and chutney, and sipping chai from roadside stalls set up by local residents. These days it’s hard to indulge in... Read More


Watch: Hari Kondabolu Nails it on David Letterman

hari 2

Comedian Hari Kondabolu talks about racism in the USA in his signature standup comedy style on the David Letterman Show. Hari is known for his satire, standup and skits on Totally Biased with W. Kamau Bell (we recommend the Captain Sikh America skit and his take on Apu and brown people on TV). During his five minute segment on The David Letterman Show, the comedian talks about immigration and race, and shares a story about a woman who mistook his dad’s car for a taxi at... Read More


Watch: Freida Pinto is the New Face of Free People

freida thumbnail

Score for Freida Pinto. The actor is the new face of Free People, and her first campaign is a short fashion film featuring summer clothes from the brand. Shot around Jaipur during Holi, the film focuses on a the budding romance/growing lust between Freida and her fictional friend’s very good looking brother (model Thomas Bull). It’s sweet and fluffy, and includes a bit of the growing American fascination with the festival of colours (now dubbed as the “the world’s... Read More

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